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Agnona[thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Logo/Corporate Identity in collaboration with François Berthoud - ART DIRECTION: Book photographer David Sims, illustrator  François Berthoud, writer Mariuccia Casadio - Campaign A/W 02 photographer David Sims, Stylist Anna Cockburn.
Ballantyne [thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Campaign S/S 07 photographer Terry Tsiolis - stylist Beat Bolliger.
Boiler[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo/Symbol/Corporate Identity for contemporary art magazine - Boiler is a theme inspired bi-annual publication exploring contemporary art from the edge... ART DIRECTION: #00 The Circus of Life " Ladeeeeez and G-E-N-T-L-E-M-E-N, Boys and Girls. Welcome to the fabulous... ” - #01 The Great Escape “ The curtain drops and the invisible man entertains us with his supernatural monologue” EVENT launch party in collaboration with art group Adelinquere - Dj Simone Cordero “ - #02 La Notte "see dazzling colouors..." #03 Eureka! “ Journeys with no end and no return, life in a sequence of freeze frames of wonder…” EVENT MIART fair Milan May 04 in collaboration with the artist Edouard  Levè... The Boiler team invited the audience to lie on mattresses and mimic the poses suggested in the video, or to hold the photographs depicting explicit sexual scenes - #04 We are Animals “ done by the force of nature, HEY HEY HEY!!! Can your pussy do the dog?...” EVENT Milan Fashion week A\W 05 in collaboration with LeFlesh see the special collaboration "We are Animals" t-shirt - #05 Viva! Italia proudly institutional... [ Franco goes to Hollywood project with artist Jeff Burton ]
Borbonese[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo/Visual Identity in collaboration with Studio Box, Milan - ART DIRECTION: Soul Book .
Capucci[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo/Symbol/Corporate Identity project in collaboration with François Berthoud - ART DIRECTION: Campaigns Illustration François Berthoud photographers Monica Spezia, Carlo Lavatori  - spreads: Vogue Italia, V Magazine, International Herald Tribune - Eveningwear collection S/S 04 Presentation Paris July 2003 sculpture by François Berthoud - RTW Collection S/S 04 Presentation Milan September 2003.
Derercuny[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo/Symbol Brand presentation film - Ready to wear brand project created by Samsung Corea - Seoul February 2004 - ART DIRECTION: Preview A/W 05 Seoul April 2004 - Presentation Collection S/S 05 Milan September 2004 photographer Stefania Paparelli stylist Sissy Vian Presentation Collection A/W 06 Milan Fondazione Mudima February 2005 stylist Sissy Vian.
Dieux Du Stade[thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: the French Rugby players shot naked... Calendar 2003 photographer Matthias Vriens - Calendar 2004 photographer Fronçois Rousseau - Calendar 2005 Photographer Carter Smith Book photographer François Rousseau - Making Of watch the video [254Kb] u need QuickTime - Calendar 2006 photographer Fred Goudon. - Calendar 2007 photographer Mariano Vivanco.
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Fay  [thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Campaign F/W 05/06 photographer Terry Tysiolis
ART DIRECTION: Graphics: Pret-à-porter Femme Printemps-Etè 2006 - Pret-à-porter Femme Automne-Hiver 2006 - 2006 New Year card
Iceberg  [thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: ICEBERG Logo design- ICE ICEBERG Logo design - Logo application on campaign.
Jil Sander [thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Graphics - POP worldwide window display - Dennis Hopper Event one night exhibition of Dennis Hopper in Paris Boutique - Launch Exhibition for perfume Pure Paris April 2003 - Calendar Limited edition.
L'Officiel Hommes[thumbnail images view]
EDITORIAL: Logo - #01 printemps/été 2005 - #02 automne/hiver 05/06 - #02 automne/hiver 05/06 - #03 hors serie - #04 hors serie - #06 hors serie - #07
LOGOS[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo design Blossom Posto Ruffo Ruffo research San Carlo Winston Iceberg
Maska/MK[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo - ART DIRECTION: Maska S/S 02 photographer Matthias Vriens stylist Samuel Françoìs - Maska A/W 02 photographer Terry Tsiolis stylist Belen Casadevall - MK A/W 02/03 Catalogue photographer Bruno Ripoche stylist Sophia Neophitou - MK catalogue and POP photographer Marcus Mam stylist Masha Orlov.
Qvest [thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Contribution for special issue #one march 2006 RE-EXISTENCE Louise and Lucas, Paris 2006 photographer Philippe And Cesarie Yard.
Pennyblack [thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Campaign S/S 07 photographer KT Auleta - stylist Belen Casadevall
Remy Cointreau  [thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: LOUIS XIII Black Pearl Packshots and Press. - LOUIS XIII Packshots and Press
Riccardo Tisci [thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Capsule Collection S/S 05 “Hand made clothes worn by friends in a borrowed space”- Milan September 04 - Collection A/W 05/06 “Maria” - Milan February 05 - Dazed&Confused issue #22 January 05 photographer Johan Sandberg stylist Elisa Nalin still life photographer Ramak Fazel
Scholl  [thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Scholl by Diego Dolcini photos by Jeff Burton - Event Presentation of collection S/S 07 - Graphics Press kit.
Ter et Bantine[thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Campaign photographer Gleb Kosurukow.
Trussardi[thumbnail images view]
ART DIRECTION: Home Nesting event: Hands Making - four day leather workshop Trussardi Home Collection F/W 2003/04 - Night Shift event: Bed Making - six days and nights of reality show in a store front bedroom - Presentation Collection F/W 07/08 Milan January 07.
Valentino[thumbnail images view]
IDENTITY: Logo/Symbol Worldwide brand identity - Packaging

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